Friday 17 December 2010

Day 3 of my “Build a Windows Phone 7 game in 3 days” Challenge

The deadline for Red Gate’s Windows Phone 7 App competition is three days away. I’ve set myself the challenge of building an XNA game in 3 unplanned days I have in my schedule. Go read about Day 1 and Day 2. This was Day 3:

8:50 Further work on the Csv ContentImporter to make it do more of the work in processing the shape data, saving some time in the game.

9:20 Having sorted out the skin of the game, and given it some rudimentary muscles, I now have to introduce mind, or at least, a Brain Stem: I need game logic.

11:12 Made some changes to my content importer, and it no longer works. Now to learn about debugging the content pipeline! Turns out to be pretty easy, thanks to this. Problem is fixed moments later.

11:15 Actually, it’s not. Pressure is starting to get to me. Finding myself guessing at fixes and hitting F5 to see if it works, then repeating the cycle when it doesn’t. Calm down!

13:00 Got first bit of game logic working – deciding whether a shape is orientated correctly for snapping back to the home position.

13:54 Decided to try using radial layout to arrange the exploded shapes on screen –. Now how do I do that? Found an F.A.Q on polar coordinates, and a few minutes later:


14:40 Roped Vinod into creating some levels for the games. He’s taken my Excel level editor spreadsheet to the next level by adding VBA code to generate puzzles automatically.

17:30 Got something looking gamish. Puzzle now knows when it has been completed, and animates off screen. New puzzle animates on. Only problem is, it’s too hard for me to play! Can’t fix that now though – off to the company Christmas dinner.

22:30 First feedback on the game from a friend who volunteered for testing: “The idea is cool, …, very cool!”

I wonder if I can borrow a bit of extra time?


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