Hire Me

I am available to hire through my company, Seaturtle Software Ltd. If your project needs a turbo-boost, or you have a knotty software problem to solve, get in touch. I take on challenges lasting anywhere between an hour and several months.

I’ve known C# and .Net since they were 1.0, and I delivered my first WPF project before WPF was officially released. I have a reputation for becoming productive with new tools and techniques rapidly, and knowing how to use them to add most business value. And I’m experienced at using agile practices to deliver working software quickly and efficiently. Check out my CV for the details.

My Services

Here are just a few of the ways I could help you out:

  • Supplying an additional set of nimble fingers to work the code-face when deadlines are looming
  • Providing an extra pair of eyes to search out that bug that has been eluding you for days (my war stories make interesting reading)
  • Building that nice-to-have WPF Custom Control that your team never quite gets time for
  • Setting you up with Continuous Integration and Automated Testing to improve the robustness of your development process
  • Working alongside your team on the version 1 of your product to establish a solid, easily extendable foundation for future versions
  • Delivering customised training to help you get ahead with the latest technologies


I am based near Birmingham in the UK, but I can work with clients anywhere in the world via Skype, VPN, Distributed Version Control Systems, and the plethora of other remote-working technologies.

Let’s Talk

Whatever your requirements, drop me a line, and we can talk it over. You can contact me via email, sam@seaturtlesoftware.com, or by phone: +44 (0) 7811 557230.

Seaturtle Software Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Company Number 7590067, VAT Registration Number 109 7756 84.