Wednesday 19 March 2008

About me

I suppose I could kick off without introducing myself, but that would be rather rude.

I always write Samuel Jack in my by-line in the vain hope that the second and third syllables of my name will get a hearing; I'm invariably called Sam.

I'm a twentythirty-something software developer living near Bromsgrove in the UK. Through my company, Seaturtle Software Ltd, I work with customers world-wide solving challenging software problems. Get in touch if you have something that fits the bill.

My portfolio spans the sectors. I started off my career working mainly in the nuclear industry (where my applications were used to oversee the clean-up operations at a major UK nuclear site). I spent a few happy years developing a spreadsheet modelling platform aimed at financial directors. Most recently I've been working in the entertainment sector, writing software for DJs. Oh - and I also found time to create a little mobile phone game.

The thing that I love about being a software developer is having ideas and then seeing them come to life - making something that works and is useful. That's one reason for the title of my blog. The other is that, now that C#3.0 is out, everyone is going on about functional programming. So I thought I'd have some fun in finding out what-on-earth they're talking about. Perhaps you'd like to join me?


Clay Shannon said...

No worries, mate: Even Samuel L. Clemens was called Sam by his buds!

Unknown said...

@Clay: ... and Mr Twain by the rest of us! I like the photos on your blog!

Cabbruzz said...

When you have kids can we please please please call one of them Samuel Jack's Son? Please!

samuel_d_jack said...

Nice suggestion Cabbruzz - but I'm not sure whether the ISO standards for children's names permit apostrophes within a name ;-)

Bob Smith said...

I have spotted an inconsistency on this page - you state that you wish to be known as "Samuel" yet your e-mail address is "sam". Lead and others shall follow :)

Samuel Jack said...

You've got me there Bob!

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