Sunday 26 October 2008

Pre-conf in the sky

Well, here I am in LA, probably about to blog a load of nonsense, because I've now been awake for 24 hours. At Five this morning, a Taxi arrived to take me to the station, to catch the six o'clock train to Heathrow, where I boarded the 11:30 flight to LA, which turned into a 12:30 flight because of techical problems with the boarding tunnels. We were safely delivered across the pond by 11:15 PM, UK time, just in time to give my wife the good news before she went to bed. I made myself stay up, because going to be when my newly adjusted watch said 3:15 just seemed ridiculous.

I feel that the conference has already begun. Seated next to me on the plane was Geff, of NxtGenUG fame. He introduced me to Guy Smith-Ferrier, whose book on .NET Internationalization I happened to have ordered just last week. Guy very kindly gave me a personalised presentation on the possibilities for localisation in WPF. It was one of the most interesting presentations I have attended, not least because the speaker was crouched in the aisle of the plane next to me, constantly putting himself on hold as fellow passenges passed by!

Later on, a few of us, including Mike Taulty from Microsoft had our very own pre-conference Open Space. I forget what was on the agenda, but it probably included localisation again, because Guy was there, and I get the impression that he has a one track mind!

Tomorrow I intended to make a bus trip up to the Sun Valley to worship at the Grace Community Church. Then, let the conference begin.

Now the room is beginning to sway. I think the sleep debt collector has come knocking...


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