Tuesday 12 August 2008

Utility to Convert numbers to Words

Update (5/6/2009): I’ve now created a new and improved version of the utility.

I've been having a play with Silverlight 2.0 in the last couple of days. Here's the result: a little utility to convert numbers to words based on the algorithm that I created for Project Euler 17. It's amazingly simple to get going: within minutes of completing the Silverlight install I had my C# code running inside the browser.

Hopefully I'll find time to write up a post on how I did it, and how to take advantage of the free Silverlight hosting that Microsoft offers.

Update: By popular request, the code for this utility is now available here.


Anonymous said...

The application doesn't work anymore. What happened? Did your Silverlight hosting expire or something like that?

Also, it would be nice if you'd put up the code. Just curious :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting me know about this. I suspect the problem is that I compiled the code under Silverlight Beta. I'll try to update it soon.

Which code do you mean? the code for the algorithm is in the post on Project Euler 17 that I linked to. Or is it the Silverlight part that you're after?

Unknown said...

The Utility has now been updated. As you can see, I've also uploaded the code.



Anonymous said...

Thanks! You always learn better by analyzing other people's code.

And yes, I was talking only about the Silverlight side.

"By popular request" - funny

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