Thursday 28 August 2008

I am now a Tetrahedron

In my lunch hour yesterday I solved my 25th Project Euler problem. As Euler kindly informed me, that puts me in the top 78% of Project Euler members, and makes me a Tetrahedron according to the newly introduced scoring system. The levels in this system are named after the Platonic Solids: when I've solved another 25 problems, I'll become a cube; after another 50, an octahedron, and so on, evolving step by step to the mathematical perfection of a sphere when I've tucked 250 problems under my belt.

But don't let me get carried away. I started solving problems in Mid March. It's now the end of August. By my reckoning it's taken 27 weeks to solve those 25 problems, averaging about 0.9 problems a week. Extrapolating this, I'm looking at another 3 years to solve the 200 or so current problems, or 4 years to reach Spherehood. And that's looking on the rosy side: the problems get harder as you get further on, so my rate is bound to drop.

With that in mind, I'll probably change my current tack of blogging about the problems one by one, and start picking out those that I think will make for the most interesting posts. I've got my eye on number 96 which is all about Sudoku ...

If you want to follow my progress, you can have a look at my Project Euler profile.


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80, 197, 125, 297 ..

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