Tuesday 22 July 2008

What I do at work

When I launched this blog a couple of months ago, I made a vague promise that I would talk a bit about what I do at work. I know your repeat visits have all been in the hope of me keeping that promise. Right?

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To be revealed...

I can't say much about my most recent and current projects, because they have to do with a new product that Paragon is developing and keeping under wraps . What I think I am allowed to say is that it is to do with spreadsheet modelling and data management.

At the risk of allowing you to join the dots and deduce more than you should know, I'll mention that this project has given us an opportunity to build a client/server application with WCF; we've had lots of fun with LINQ-to-SQL; and we've had plenty of character-building experience with VSTO and managed Excel add-ins - all lubricated with plenty of C#3.0 goodness.

If any of this sounds more appealing to you than your current line of work, look out for my up-coming post on some positions we have open.

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