Thursday 31 July 2008

Unwanted Hero

My wife and a friend went on a little excursion to a children's playground the other day - my wife took our daughter, and the friend took her three to make it look proper. The friend happened to notice a little boy climbing onto the outside of a tubular spiral slide and, inevitably, begin to slip off. She rushed over, arms outstretched: but she didn't catch him. His clothes had caught on a screw in the side of the slide; and so he hung - upside down - some distance above the ground.

The friend looked around, expecting to see some parent or guardian come rushing to the rescue. But the relevant parties obviously weren't paying any attention, because no aid was forthcoming. So our hero had to hoist the little chap down herself.

Most interesting was the reaction of the friend's oldest daughter.

"Mum's always doing that. Last week she saved a boy from drowning. It's so embarrassing!"


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