Monday 10 February 2014

Getting Started with SignalR - and not a Chat room in sight!

You might have heard of SignalR, a real-time communications library for the web from Microsoft. It’s open source, it’s hip (it supports WebSockets!) – and just about all the Getting Started tutorials are about Chat applications. How many times have you had to write a Chat application in your career? I’d bet a two-toed sloth could keep count for you on one foot and still have digits to spare.

I want to show you how SignalR can solve elegantly a problem you will almost certainly have faced at some point: reporting progress of long-running operations on web pages. I say you’ve probably faced the problem – and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably ducked out of solving it too, leaving your web site visitors in the tender care of a wait cursor while your web application does its thing in its own sweet time. Getting a server to report back to a web page has always been a fiddle, and many of the techniques in common use feel like hacks. SignalR changes all of that.

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Gabriel S said...

Comment about the reference to Daniel D'Agostino article:
Actually there is no need to bind the PasswordBox's password, nor keeping it in memory in order to be able to "Snoop" it and reveal it. I did it with a totally unbound and uninitialized PasswordBox, I just typed a password and then used Snoop in order to get it. It appears to me that this control is not secure and its design is faulty. The rest, bound or not bound is irrelevant...

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