Thursday 12 May 2011

Congratulations to the Winners of the WP7 Competition

So after a delay of more than a month, and some speculation that the judges might have taken the 3 x $10,000 kitty and done a runner, Red Gate have finally announced the winners of the Windows Phone 7 App Competition.

Sadly, Simon Squared, my little puzzle game wasn’t amongst the finalists.

But congratulations to Richard Fennell, Simon McKenzie, and Mark Rendle who scooped a prize each.

I was particular impressed with Mark Rendle’s app, Pocket C# which lets you write code on your phone (syntax highlighting and all), then uses a Windows Azure back-end to compile and run it. Perfect for racking up your StackOverflow rep on the move.


Virtual Server Hosting said...

How sad but I think Mark Rendle’s app will be useful this time
especially to those programming and coding their website through their iPhone’s.
May I know your little puzzle game? 

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