Thursday 15 October 2009

Flattery (almost) works

I checked my email using my smart-phone the other night, and found this:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I'll be speaking at PDC 2008...":

Masters thesisI have been through the whole content of this blog which is very informative and knowledgeable stuff, So i would like to visit again.

How nice. I'm always chuffed when somebody takes the time to leave an appreciative comment on my blog. And this one stoked my ego. At a glance it seemed that Mr (or Ms) Anonymous was likening the quality and content of my work to a Masters thesis; though the wording of the message was a little strange ... perhaps English was not their native language?

Ever polite, the next time I went to my PC I fired up the browser and found the appropriate page on my blog with the intention of thanking Mr (or Ms) Anonymous for their kind words and inviting them to visit as often as they liked.

But the browser revealed what my phone's mail client had concealed. The words "Masters Thesis" were underlined in blue - a hyperlink to a site whose page rank I will not promote by repeating the link. Cue sound of hissing steam as ego is rapidly quenched.

Out of curiosity at the wares being peddled by these flattersome spammers, I followed the link, and found offers of written-to-order essays or Masters Thesis - guaranteed native English, and plagiarism free. The kind-hearted scholars at the site will also undertake to complete assignments and exams for online courses and can guarantee to ace them all - for a small consideration of $2000 plus $300 per exam.

Needless to say, I put my blog's trash-can button to good use.


Dan Dumitru said...

It's kind of a fashion now with these flattery comments.

On a Wordpress-based blog is even worst. I got about 10 of these comments in the last 3 months, and some of those were quite cleverly disguised (they didn't even have links in them, just the e-mail addresses of my 'fans' were a bit weird).
At one moment you can't even decide if it's a bot or not.

I then installed the Akismet plugin and it started catching them all.

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