Saturday 13 December 2008

Announcing a new family development project

The family Jack is proud to announce a new project, code named Baby Jack 2.0.

My wife and I decided that the Agile methodology would not be appropriate in this instance, so we will be following the traditional Waterfall pattern. Requirements analysis has been completed (boy or girl will be just fine; complete set of appendages is a must). For the Functional Specification and Design stage we were fortunate in having complete blueprints that we could appropriate for ourselves - reverse engineering DNA is beyond my current skillset, even taking into account the potential of C#4.0. Build is now well underway: after 12 weeks we have a complete implementation, and we're just working on scaling the product up and out. We aim for a single delivery in the June timeframe, based on current progress.

An early screenshot is shown below:



Anonymous said...


Sævar said...

Congrats on the new project. I hope the product will come out as specified by the requirements.

Lex Li said...

LOL. Congrats. Well, pity that there will be no service pack for this project in the future :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Guys!

Lex Y. Li,

Well actually, some people do have a service pack approach for this kind of product: Saviour Sibilings - see: .

Though I personally think it unethical.

Sævar said...

Yeah, those human spare parts are no good. Mechanical augmentations are the way to go, to be honest.

Cyberbaby! Now with wifi!

Unknown said...

Well now that you mention it, when I had to take somebody to hospital a little while back, all the doctors were wearing usb memory sticks around their necks instead of stethoscopes. It made me wonder whether babies these days are being born with diagnostic usb ports!

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